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"Russian Friendship" - brooch, 2022. Zinc-coated steel (part of an original fence shot through by russian troops).    Photo: T. Chorna.

Russian Friendship

We are from Ukraine. Yes, we still live in Ukraine and intend to continue living in Ukraine in the future.

We create art from our modernity. The art of here and now. We use new materials and new emotions that appear around us during this war. We document our present state to make it a history we will always remember. “Russian friendship” is one of these things.

"The friendship of the nations" was declared among the main ideological principles of the former Soviet Union, of which both Ukraine and Russia used to be a part. This principle proclaimed brotherly relations, extensive cooperation and mutual help between the nations that formed the union. When the union fell apart, Russia had inherited not only Soviet military forces, but also Soviet principles; "the friendship of the nations" was one of them. We were raised to believe that this principle is still valid. And now we get to see most clearly what their "friendship" is ― a bunch of lies. "Russian friendship" is an attempt to dominate with power, to devastate our land and kill the people of Ukraine.

"Russian Friendship"- video, 2022.