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Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė

"Brilliant Green Jewellery", video still.    Photo: Ingrida Mockute Pociene.

Brilliant Green Jewellery

My work reflects the current times, and one can see society reflected in it.

In my video "Brilliant Green Jewelery", I deliberately chose color that I associate with contemporary jewelry because of the literal meaning of the name brilliant, diamond in Lithuanian.

Brilliant green (also known as zelyonka) is a well-known antiseptic used to treat acute viral illnesses and rashes. In the contemporary world, especially in Slavic countries, brilliant green is used for attacks on political opponents, musicians, journalists – that is, against people whose opinions are not identical with the one of those in power. Freedom of speech and freedom of opinion are fundamental to democracy.

"Brilliant Green Jewellery" - video, 2022.