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Schmuck Munich celebrates its 65th anniversary in February 2024. SMCK Magazine marks the occasion by presenting a collection of works by contemporary jewelry artists and historical jewelry from exquisite collections. While contemporary design may one day become the mirror of our turbulent times, museum pieces reflect social values, beliefs, and even actions that shaped modern European history.
For example, the early 19th-century iron collier (necklace) from the Stadtmuseum Berlin's collection featured on the cover was created during Prussia's "I gave gold for iron" campaign. The drive encouraged patriotic Prussian ladies to help fund the war against Napoleon by donating their gold jewelry, exchanging precious pieces with ones made from iron.

Even nowadays, jewelry can be a symbol of national independence. In the documentary film Greetings from Ukraine, a SMCK Magazine production premiering at Schmuck 2024, Stanislav Drokin, Yuri Plehanov, and the GuniaProject team show how an ornament inspires people to fight for freedom and dignity two years after Russia's invasion in February 2022.

However, jewelry's huge potential still remains unknown to the broader art-loving public. Listening to experts' advice on how to increase jewelry's reach is crucial for the sector's growth.

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the international energy crisis have affected every fair and art event in Germany, including Schmuck. But even before that, jewelry weeks popped up in new cities around the globe attempting to replace Schmuck's glamor with promises of visitor flow, exclusive networking, customized marketing, and dubious honors or awards. This relentless cloning did not seem to threaten Schmuck's supremacy or its mission as a creative hub and trend-setter. However, in unpredictable times, continuing to nurture such a laissez passer attitude may deprive Schmuck of its deserved returns on its long-standing investment in know-how, commitment, and talent.

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