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"Till the last drop of enemies blood" - ring, 2021. Silver, Garnet.    Photo: S. Pershyna-Pryimachuk.

Till the last drop of enemies blood

The TerrasChains brand was born in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Anton left the occupied Sevastopol and moved to Sveta, to Kyiv, to start a new life and a common cause.
We are a small family workshop consisting of a jeweler and a designer. Anton loves rhythm and form in products, Sveta is content and color; so our products are born at the intersection of different world views.

Eight years later, the war reached Kyiv. Now the front line is hundreds of kilometers away from us, but the War does not end anywhere. War drains our vitality drop by drop every day, it takes away our routines and brings chaos.

Creativity gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, and anger gives us the strength not to stop. We fight every day because victory is our common goal.

"Till the last drop of enemies blood"- video, 2022.