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Serhii Hranievych

Ritual ring.    Photo: Serhii Hranievych.

Ancient Ukrainian Ritual Ring

When I learned about the opportunity to take part in SMCK On Reel film festival, I was simply captivated by the desire to make a short film. However, the time to create it was only four days. Almost immediately, I got an idea and wrote the script. The next day, my girlfriend and I were already in the field filming. I wanted to show the connection between any aspect of our lives and the damp earth beneath our feet.

I was born in Kyiv in 1989. After my studies in geology, I immediately became interested in the world of minerals and jewelry. I worked in a jewelry company for about six years, making tens of thousands of completely uniform jewelry pieces. In 2015 I founded my own workshop where I still work today. After the oil crisis caused by the war erupted, I started to walk to work; as a result, my back stopped hurting.

"Ancient Ukrainian Ritual Ring" - video, 2022.