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"Smile through tears" - brooch, 2022. Ceramics, porcelain, fireclay.    Photo: Oleksandr Novitskyi.

A Smile Through Tears

"A smile through tears" is a smile of struggle that is much needed in this difficult time. If it were not difficult for us, we, Ukrainians, would be smiling. A smile is a small happiness, it is necessary because it gives meaning to life, struggle, faith in a happy future.

Every small victory is a smile, but quiet and modest, because the price is very high. We can smile because we have "Steel Warriors, unconquered, unbreakable"

A smile - supports Ukrainians in a difficult situation, gives faith in a better future. But there is a smile, the one that when you smile, they ask you what's the matter, and you say that everything is fine. But in reality, it hurts so much in the soul, it is so painful and bitter from the realization that the war caused a lot of damage, they ask again, everything is really fine, you say "Yes", but the person looks into your eyes and understands that it is not so. There is a proverb: "Eyes are the mirror of the soul"...

"A smile through tears"- video, 2022.