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"Treasure" series. Traditional Ukrainian coral necklace with a silver pendant, gilded due to ancient technique.    Photo: Anatoliy Petchenko.

Unbreakable Ukraine

We tell a story with our jewelry pieces from the TREASURE collection that we created together with the Treasury of the Museum of the history of Ukraine; this collection was intended to become a talisman as we fight for victory and freedom. The story is about a little girl, whose life was changed after the eruption of the war. Her father is a jeweler, and he makes her a ring with ancient symbols. This ring gives her the power to protect her freedom and her ancient heritage.

The Martynivsky treasure that inspired this collection is one of the most famous Ante treasures and belongs to the era of the "early" Slavs (6th-7th centuries) and the period of the foundation of Kyiv.
The most famous artifacts from the treasure ― figures of "dancing" men and horses had caused a real sensation and many discussions among researchers since the discovery.

"Treasure" is a symbolic collection by Logvin jewelry, created with the Treasury of the Historical Museum of Ukraine to remind the world about their ancient history and raise funds to preserve cultural heritage during the war.

"Unbreakable Ukraine"- video, 2022.