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Kateryna Music.    Photo: Denis Music.

Do you love the sea?

The sea is beautiful. Like life.

Every morning my family heard the sound of the waves.
Every morning we saw its beauty.
February 24 was different for us.
Russian bombs started falling all over Ukraine.
And we lost our lives. Darkness has come. Darkness and fear.
When we feel supported, our light is lit.
Gives hope and strength.

You send us words of support.
You inspire us to be strong.
You motivate us.
to live
to create
to love
to smile
no matter what.
And lights inside us light up. One by one.
And light will win over darkness.

The film is dedicated to Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler and to all friends of Ukraine.

"Do you love the sea?"- video, 2022.