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"Abbreviation (PTN FCK U) -227th Day Of War in Ukraine" - ring, 2022. Machine gun shell, brass.    Photo: A. Sokolov.

This Is Our Pieces

Since his childhood, Anton dreamed of becoming a jeweler, but he graduated from a medical university and worked as a dentist for 20 years.
Two and a half years ago, he met his love and muse Anastasia, whom he married during the war. They have both worked as volunteers in Kharkiv for four months, even after Anton has been wounded. He created his first pieces of jewelry as a gift to his beloved wife and gave them to her during short holidays.

Since the beginning of the war, the concept behind his collection was not about love and beauty, but about the pain he feels for his native city, about indomitability, about war and faith in victory. However, It didn’t work out without love at all, because this wonder-couple believes that it is love and the Armed Forces that will save this world.

To implement their idea, Anton and Anastasia collected a bag of shell casings, fragments of shells and glass at the sites of explosions in their native Kharkiv. They continue working as volunteers until today. Part of the money from the sale of jewelry goes to the military and civilians in need.

"This Is Our Pieces"- video, 2022.