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"The City That No Longer Exists" - brooch, 2022. Copper, hot enamel, artificial hair, silver patina.    Photo: Oleksander Popenko.

The City That No Longer Exists

My reality changed on February 24th. Five days in Kyiv without sleep and food. Shocked, I thought I was going crazy. But the pain grew and intensified because my brother and his wife were stuck in the occupied city Bucha.


The way in the rivers of the grief of millions people. I realized a new depth of feelings that cannot be explained. Then there was a calm Europe, but in my head flashed pictures of burned cities. The world has completely lost its colors, and reality seems to have stratified. The feeling of guilt for surviving slowly changed to a feeling that my life was ruined and I lost my personality. Five months later, I returned home. I'm lucky. My family is alive, I'm at home, I can be who I am again.

This work is about feelings. An attempt to grasp the incomprehensible present and through the repeated pain to find the lost inner peace and balance.

"The City That No Longer Exists"- video, 2022.