Munich 2022


"Precious People", object, 2020. Platan wood, 301 recycled precious stones.    Photo: Rikki Siebens.

Reconnect: Unraveling Trauma

‘Reconnect’ is a growing, on-going, project of searching for connection.

Since trauma can install itself in a body before someone can speak, it is impossible to treat some traumas verbally. The exercises to begin healing a body are very physical and make close contact with the body, just like jewelry.

Crossing the arms and legs connects both hemispheres in the brain, which brings rest and is a helpful connection to cope with trauma. I began to unravel a chain around my neck by touch. It felt like a depiction of how it feels to try to unravel insurmountable trauma. There is still a long way to go, but it is not impossible. I have to let it get closer to free me from it.

"Unraveling Trauma" - video, 2020.