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"La Bordada", brooch, 2022.    Photo: Berta Herrera Mora.

La Bordada

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, in the empty space left by from the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue, feminist groups placed the silhouette of a woman in the color purple with her fist raised, renaming it "the roundabout of women who fight."
The female silhouette I use is taken from an embroidery pattern of a Quechquemetl (traditional blouse) from Puebla state published in the book Indigenous Garments in México (INAH, 1968).

My metal version of the pattern holds her fist raised to reconfigure an appropriation of the feminine identity, the arm tinted in the color purple to represent the movement that demands gender equality and justice for the victims of violence and femicides in Mexico.

"La Bordada - homage to the anti monumenta" - video, 2022.