Bucharest 2022


"Aether", bracelets, earrings, ring from the 'Aether' and 'Era' collections, 2019.    Photo: Serhiy Chebotaryov.

Pink Earring

I started my brand 14 years ago. I was looking for perfect everyday jewelry. I also wanted it to be conceptual, modern, unique, wearable, witty, outspoken or even society-shaping. These wishes became the DNA of my work. I was inspired by humans, nature, and contemporary values. This video is about my first 100% recycled collection with silver (from old jewels) and raw polyethylene from used packages and plastic from used corks.

During the shooting I integrated this object back into nature as a pure jewel, not as waste, and shared my beliefs with viewers: a zero emission cycle is possible, as it is to perceive all materials of the earth as equal treasures.

"Pink Earring" - video , 2022.