Bucharest 2022


"Kintsugi ring" - silver, 18K gold wire, 2021.    Photo: Hanna Pylypenko.

Secret Garden

I shot this video for SMCK On Reel. I didn't want to show the horrors of war. On the contrary, I wanted to add my input on the healing process of our collective soul.
This short video is like a daydream that softly touches the soul of people watching it. The video speaks of a poem full of vivid metaphors; it connects our deep and healthy subconscious roots to our troubled feelings and mind; those have been greatly affected by the war.

There is a Girl (a Soul, the most inner nature) and there is her reflection, the external nature. There is also a Road to the Garden, a metaphor for the journey, connecting external with inner nature. The Garden is located in a mythical place; it is a portal between two worlds.

In my jewelry work, and particularly in this video, I show how easy it is to access this portal: You just need to remember where yours is. That's the trick. The rest will be taken care of, automatically.
Many of my friends report that spending time with nature has helped them to heal. And I know well from my own experience: the reunion of inner and external nature is the best healing for a traumatized soul. 

"Secret Garden" - video, 2022.