Munich 2022


"Flowers Of War", brooch, 2022. Cross stitch technique.    Photo: Denis Music.

Flowers Of War

War is when you wake up from rocket explosions. When you are afraid of your powerlessness to stop it. When tomorrow may not come because the Russian soldiers are shooting in your direction.
War is when your son sees a rocket explode. When you see how scared he is. When he wakes up and asks: Were they bombing today? When you can't promise him that it will end tomorrow. When you sleep in your clothes because if they bomb you, you may not save your baby while you get dressed.

War. When you hate so much that you are ready to burn everyone who supports the war, everyone who votes for the Russian world. And this hatred inside is frightening.
Art for me is an opportunity to take my mind off the news and focus on what I did before the war. It's very hard right now. Now I feel pain and hatred....

"Flowers Of War" - video, 2022.