Chain Of Solidarity • Leipzig / Kyiv / Vilnius


"(Non)Sense Scented Septum Beech", ear pieces, 2020.    Photo: Orion Ivliev.


After four years of exploring emotions, how they are perceived through jewelry, how jewelry provokes emotions, and how to visualize them, I had decided to make a synthesis of three main elements: Scent, Jewelry, Emotions.

I have researched how different smells evoke different emotions or help calm down negative emotions, each piece having its own scent. The works presented aimed to make the wearer's world more colorful, when he/she feels like it had lost its color.

Video Concept, Art Direction, Styling, Producing, Music, Jewelry: Orion Ivliev
Video Photography, Editing: Ben Palhov
MUA: Tamar Badani
Hair: Kosta Vino
Models: Yuna Pro, Omer Dealer, Orion Ivliev

"(Non)Sense" - video, 2020.