By Loukia Richards

Extract of the "Covid-19 Map" by Loukia Richards

Exclusive fashion and contemporary jewelry may face difficulties in satisfying customers online through e-galleries or virtual exhibitions. How easy is it to convince customers to pay a four- or five-digit sum for a work they have not seen live by showing them a photo or video instead?

Important as a communication tool, virtual exhibiting has limits. Artists should also beware of 'easy' technology; badly-made DIY websites or videos can destroy a brand.
More exclusive ways of presenting jewelry will be favored. Covid-19 restrictions make it difficult to welcome hundreds of visitors at the same time. Professional dealers will have to make a choice between crowds and guests with buying potential in order to save time and energy and to stay safe.

The contemporary jewelry sector will undergo a huge restructuring in the next two years since it is impossible to be resilient without customers. A different context for presenting and promoting jewelry might be a viable solution. It is time to look for ways to approach the broader public and to break the vicious circle of addressing only the like-minded, the small jewelry community.

"What is your record of generating sales, of enhancing business networking, of creating career opportunities, of leaving a print or digital trace of your event, of attracting the (real) press?" These are legitimate questions artists should start asking organizers of fairs and events.

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