Chain Of Solidarity Hamburg


"Bucha", brooch, 2022. Textile, a tin box for children’s lollipops.    Photo: Denis Music.


Almost 300 days of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.
8 years and almost 300 days, Russia terrorizes our country.
We are struggling for our country, for independence and for freedom.
For basic things that Russians want to take away from us.

Every morning we wake up with the hope that it will be the most ordinary morning of a peaceful life.
Because we still remember what it's - a simple life. A cup of coffee. Hugs. Traveling. Music. Arts.
But now we are running.
We are running towards the light.
Every next day.
We want to run out of darkness.
We want to stop the war.
We want the courts to punish the criminals.

We see the light.
Light is ahead.
And we are running.

"Loop" - video, 2022.