Chain Of Solidarity Hamburg

Yurii Plekhanov

"Krakatoa", ring, 2022. Sterling Silver, rhodolite garnet.    Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Point Of No Return

Since our birth, we are constantly put under pressure to strive for illusions. The bait is sweets and toys when we are kids and property, religion, cars, consumption, and ideologies when we’re adults. We are led to believe in the illusion that our existence is not possible without these absolute necessary objects; this is a huge market in a parallel reality.
Authoritarian regimes work with the most perverse methods.

An ideological construction will be transplanted in one's head, with great care and precision, since one's birth; a model that has as much in common with reality as the hallucinations of a drug addict.

If the human being is a reasonable creature, how does it come that he is constantly fooled? The masters of illusion are prisoners.

"Point of No Return" - video, 2022.