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To this Dendritis, if we be- lieve Theocritus, the vir- gins brought offerings and sang.
Within this context, my character is Helen Dentri- tis –The Tree. The book appears to her as the ora- cle, the voice of the woods.
national artists professionals who work hard to succeed within a highly demanding and competitive art industry.
SMCK: You are politically conscious, as both a woman and an artist. How would you describe the current mid- pandemic situation or evaluate its significance for art and politics?
CM: While most wars in history start in a storm of bluster, this war had started silently. The virus spread quickly, ef- fortlessly. Soon, the subtle mutations were multiplying as enemy casualties filled hospitals, mortuaries, refrige- rated hearse-trucks.
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the arts and culture sector has been experiencing a paradoxical situation globally. While demand for cultural and creative content intensified throughout the lockdown period – and digital access has become more critical than ever be- fore – indicators predict that the cultural sector will be one of the most impacted, and probably one of the slo- west to recover.
The economic situation of artists and non-profit interme- diaries require urgent public assistance, especially in the long-run recovery process. Culture in times of crisis should be developed with concrete initiatives as the anti-weapon. Taking into account, though, that the CIA promoted abs- tract expressionism against the Soviets in the 1950s, abs- tract initiatives are potential tools too!
Portrait of the artist. Photo: Chr. Mitrentse.
 The universe, constructed as the temple, represented by the cross, an ephemeral architectural construction shaped with four books as a crossroads. Handmade embroideries on the floor depict my emblem of the cross patterns, both a religious symbol of martyr and a cognitive symbol of direction in life.
SMCK: What professional opportunities did you find in London?
CM: London has been a life-shaping experience: the place where I studied, worked very hard, and formulated my career as a self driven individual artist/curator and edu- cator for more than 18 years. It has all the ingredients of a successful international art capital and many other inter-
“Totem Mushroom II”, 2021. Altered books, acrylic paint. Courtesy of

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