Page 53 - SMCK Magazine #4
P. 53

   Top left: Women from Velvendos, Kozani, Macedonia, Greece.
Top right: Man’s vest, belonging to the Diamantis family from Skyros Island, Sporades, Greece.
Bottom: Newlyweds from Alona, Florina, Macedonia, Greece.
In 1989, then-culture minister Melina Mercouri placed the National Costume Archives (since renamed the Hellenic Costume Society) under the PFF’s aegis. The collection is housed at the PFF Athens Cultural Centre Kanari 4. The same year, the PFF opened the first children’s museum, Stathmos, in Greece in the dis- used train station at Nafplion.
The Academy of Athens honored the PFF in 2013 for its contributions to the promotion of Hellenic culture.

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