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 I address modern issues in our world. The themes of Or- thodoxy deal with the spiritual in the divine and human duality. More than two thousand years of Orthodox the- mes really have not changed with regards to the human condition that we see today.
LR: Can you share a few words about your new work?
TX: My new work specifically addresses marginal popu- lations within American society and around the globe. Contemporary issues of gender and racial inequality and
bias, homelessness, addiction, and climate change are addressed in these works. I use Orthodox visual imagery such as the sacred icon, ecclesiastical calendars, holy books, the diptych, and triptych in a modern way.
My contemporary applications of Byzantine media in these mixed media works create a visual environment that infers a sacred and spiritual essence. The themes are con- temporary, yet they have been with humankind for centu- ries.
“The New Trinity”, 2019. Mixed Media on Gilded Panel. 74x41x10 cm. Photo: T. Xenakis.
“The Book Of Ours”, 2019. Mixed Media on Gilded Leather Portfolio. 74x58x10 cm. Photo: T. Xenakis

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