Page 21 - SMCK Magazine #4
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 “Moulded Shelves II” (detail), 1981. Mixed media, 180x123x 18cm. Courtesy of the artist.
and tolerant of our foreign ways too.
The cementation of the Acropolis rock is symptomatic of other insensitive destruction of the Greek environment. The news of the destructive threat of the cementation of the Acropolis rock surface is appalling. I am sure it is pos- sible that alternative assistance can be made for visitors in need of special access so all can appreciate its history and beauty.
Sadly, it is symptomatic of other insensitive de- struction of the Greek environment and the many ugly, badly plan- ned new cement buil- dings ruining the older towns, their heritage, and the landscape.
Our footprint needs to be temporary if we are going to prevent global warming and preserve society, nature, cul- ture.
The Covid-19 pandemic is tragic and tough. Isolated wit- hin ourselves I have found solace in nature and small ever- yday objects around the house which hold memories and connections with people past, present, and far away.
Who knows about the future? We can’t make plans. It would be good to see friends once again and to think that people wanted to look and engage with real things again in a better world.
I hope for health and wellbeing for everyone.

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