SMCK ON REEL video festival joins Berlin Fashion Week July 2024


Jewelry’s pioneering role in shaping social values and cultural sustainability is highlighted through documentaries, narratives and jewelers' portraits during BFW screening events.

SMCK ON REEL joins Berlin Fashion Week, and hosts a screening at legendary Arsenal. The cinema and institute for film and video art is located at Potsdamer Platz, the very heart of Berlin. Additional screenings during Berlin Fashion Week exclusive events are scheduled.
 SMCK ON REEL Berlin features the documentaries Political Jewelry, Experts Talk, Greetings From Ukraine, as well as selected Jewelry Narratives, and exclusive Jewelers’ Portraits.

Berlin Fashion Week is explicitly ecology, social issues. and innovative small labels oriented.

SMCK ON REEL’s goal is to make fashion designers and industry VIPs aware of the interdisciplinary synergy potential, to connect participants with Berlin's jewelry community, to network with important Berlin academic and cultural institutions, as well as to introduce a tangent audience, such as fashion and film lovers, to the variety and sophistication of the medium jewelry.

There is a limited number of time slots / places available for participants in the categories Jewelry Narratives and Jewelers’ Portraits.


A. Jewelry Narratives

Submit your video of maximum 3 minutes. The plot or jewelry presented must focus on, revolve around or address one or more of the following issues & keywords: ecology, nature, recycling, upcycling, fair trade, consumption, anti-consumption, justice, magic, alchemists’ heritage, life milestones, social movements, social interaction, social values, rites of passage (such as wedding, mourning, childbirth), hierarchies, social roles.

Your application should include the video, a short statement and biography, plus up to three photos (with captions) of your work. Jewelry Narratives are hosted on the SMCK ON REEL website and will be professionally promoted through the press and social media. If selected, artists pay a participation fee of 95,00 euro.

Apply:  Please send your application, including the video via WeTransfer or via Dropbox.
Video requirements: The video format must be full HD (1920x1080px), horizontal or landscape format, the file type should be .mp4 or .mov.

B. Jewelers’ Portraits

Customized video interviews with jewelry artists. Selected jewelry artists are interviewed by SMCK Magazine after discussing goals and priorities, and drafting a strong profile. The Jewelers’ Portraits are hosted on SMCK Magazine's website, and professionally promoted through the press and social media. The video portrait of the artist will be presented in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week, as well as in a special SMCK Magazine homepage section titled "Jewelers' Portraits".

To apply, please send one / up to three weblinks (homepage, instagram, etc), a short statement describing your work, and your biography. Jewelers' Portraits include professional communication, consulting, customized interview questions, video script, video editing, screening and promotional services. If selected, artists pay a participation fee of 250,00 euro.

>>> See more information & how it works <<<

How it works

After studying artist's statement and work, and following an online individual 90 minute meeting with the artist, the curators of SMCK ON REEL write a customized video narrative or script highlighting the artist, his/her ideas and world.
The curators of SMCK ON REEL send the artist customized questions to answer on camera. The artist is given exact instruction on how to shoot video scenes and collect visuals, photo and video material. Detailed instructions include conceptual and technical advice.
The footage the artist creates is then edited by SMCK ON REEL curators to reflect the artist's personality and work in an exciting two minute video.

For examples on how SMCK ON REEL interviews / presents artists and experts, please watch Experts Talk or the video trilogy Political Jewelry.

Why video portrait?

"One size fits all" does not apply in professional journalism, and does not help the public or potential customers to identify the work and personality of an artist either.
Questions have to be highly individualized, and professional methods of interviewing have to be applied to get the most out of an interviewee, in order to attract people to his/her work. Nobody reads or watches interviews that repeat superficial things and truisms readers or viewers expect to hear, and already know.

The video series Jewelers’ Portraits goes to the heart of the artist's work and goals. The series introduces the artist to viewers who wish to know what jewelry art is, and what is so special about the artist's work and world.

Apply:  Please send your application via email to magazine@smck.org.

Applications (A+B) are considered & selected immediately.
The open call runs as long as there are places available.

Last day to apply is Friday, 7 June 2024


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