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  Above: Photograph of three young boys in the photo- grapher’s studio. John, Constantine and Paul Cavafy are depicted. C. P. Cavafy in the centre, on a chair .
© 2016-2018 Cavafy Archive, Onassis Foundation.
Right: Manuscript of the poem „Ithaka“.
© 2016-2018 Cavafy Archive, Onassis Foundation.
lian”. His handwriting provides the world of Greek letters with a unique legacy since it preserves the dying art of calligraphy.
The Cavafy archive was acquired by the Onassis Foundation in 2012. This acquisition safeguarded the archive’s continued presence in Greece and prevented a potential fragmentation. More than 2,000 archival documents have been digitized and re-documented by the Onassis Foundation and are now avai- lable online in both Greek and English.
The Cavafy Archive supports a range of educational programs directed at the Greek and international academic community, and the general public. The Onassis Foundation is currently organizing and preparing a museum dedicated to C. P. Cavafy in the center of Athens.
Photo portrait of C.P. Cavafy. © 2016-18 Cavafy Archive, Onassis Foundation.

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