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 Irecently discovered your magazine and really loved it. I have a question regarding the state of the jewelry scene. I went to several art bookshops and checked the website of some others. They did not seem to have books on this topic. Why is that? Could it be that jewelry is a bit niche, as you noted in “The Art of Making Jewelry Innovators” (Issue 3, p. 52)? What is your opinion?
Chloé S., Paris
Jewelry remains a niche market and a niche case study. It is very difficult to find a concise publication on jewelry that unites art with social sciences or disciplines directly or indirectly in- volved such as archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, sculp- ture, religion, philosophy, semiotics, design, or fashion. Understanding jewelry requires knowledge of art and design as well as insight into the respective society because jewelry's -meaning and use- different in Ancient Greece from Medieval Japan or the US today. We recommend the Schmuck catalo- gues as a starting point for further reading.
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Greek embroidery motifs by Loukia Richards.
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