Page 49 - SMCK Magazine #4
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  “Thilikotaria”, belt buckles, Aghia Anna, Euboea, Greece.
The B. Papantoniou Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF) is a nonprofit institution ba- sed in Nafplion. Its mission is the research, pre- servation, study, and presentation of the material cul- ture of the Peloponnese, as well as Greece, and the evolution of international fashion. Founded in 1974 by Ioanna Papantoniou in memory of her father Basil, it has been housed in his former residence since 1981 when it was converted into a museum.
The PFF collections now number some 50,000 artifacts from all branches of study relating to modern culture.
Young woman from Corfu, Ionian islands, Greece, early 20th century.
 Man’s vest, belonging to the Diamantis family from Skyros Island, Sporades, Greece.

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