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Art Supports Education – Fulbright Alumni Art Series is an initiative that demonstrates how art supports education, just as education supports art.
Fulbright is the flagship international educational and cultural exchange program of the United States, working in partnership with more than 160 countries worldwide. Fulbright Greece takes pride in operating the oldest Fulbright Program in Europe and the second continuously-operating pro- gram in the world. Since 1948, Fulbright Greece has awarded close to 6000 scholarships to Greek and US scholars, students, artists, educators, and professionals in all fields of study.
Fulbright alumni are integral to the program’s success. Alumni are its finest ambassadors and remain active and engaged with the Foundation in various ways beyond the completion of their grants. This “culture of com- mitment” within Fulbright, of which we are especially proud, makes a dif- ference.
From its earliest years, Fulbright Greece has awarded scholarships for stu- dies in visual arts, performing arts, and literary arts. Over time, the need emerged for a program tailored especially for practicing artists; thus, in 1989, the Greek Artist Scholarship Program was launched. To date, more than 200 artists have received grants through this program, creating a vi- brant, dynamic, diverse, and interconnected network of alumni.
Art Supports Education -- Fulbright Alumni Art Series is a program that has evolved into a successful grassroots friend raising/fundraising tool and is a unique initiative in the long history of the Fulbright Global Program. To date, more than 35 alumni artists have donated original works, limited edi- tion silkscreens, prints, and photographs presenting the diversity (poly- morphia) of expression that characterizes the contemporary visual art scene and the arts in general -- a fundamental element of the Fulbright Scholarship Program. The first exhibition was organized in 2011 at the Be- naki Pireos Museum Shop in Athens. Since then, more exhibitions have ta- ken place, most recently in 2019 at i-D PROJECTART, Athens. All proceeds from the sales of art works benefit the scholarship program.
Alumni are Fulbright's
By Artemis Zenetou, Executive Director, Fulbright Greece
This year marks the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek War of Inde- pendence and 200 years of friendship between the US and Greece that will be celebrated through a plethora of events where Greek and US Fulbright alumni scholars and artists parti- cipate.
  Fulbright alumni at i-D Projectart Athens. Courtesy of Fulbright Greece.

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