SMCK Magazine's goal is to make art lovers understand the history and potential of jewellery as an art medium. It strives to bridge art and craft disciplines, to discuss contemporary social practices, and make artists aware of market basics. The magazine also serves as a podium for indies and outsiders - gallerists, curators, artists - to address interdisciplinary art directions, sharing stories of failure and success, and showing readers different cultural perspectives on how to appreciate and use art.

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Schmuck München, the international jewelry fair with the reputable Herbert Hofmann prizes, has been cancelled again due to Covid-19. It is an opportunity to reflect on its mission. The danger that the week of jewelry becomes synonymous with "anything goes" is ante portas, and it will also have an impact – not necessarily positive – on the status of the non-trademarked institution. High quality standards in the independents' meeting, along with a solid press campaign and the implementation of contemporary art rules, would help the Week of Munich attract visitors and talent spotters.

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The jewelry artist's million-dollar question is: how can I be both critical and sustainable, challenging and pleasing, approachable and rebellious?

Jewelry art should be judged by the same standards that apply to visual art. Contemporary art can be cynical, aggressive, vulgar, depressing, disturbing. To survive, you need people to like, buy, and wear your art. Jewelry's potential to change the viewer's perspective unfolds through the trinity of the Maker, the Buyer, and the Beholder, that is, the public eye.

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The struggle taking place today inside the jewellery art scene may offer insight on how artists working in other disciplines combat conformism, destructive narcissism, rigid hegemonies.

Difficulties and risks will encourage artists to evaluate events based on the analysis of cost and return. Recession caused by COVID-19 will force organizers who don't satisfy artists' expectations for exposure, career opportunities, and sales to improve their services or to close down. Imagination, innovation, honesty, and action are qualities now required to stay in the game, for nothing will remain the same in 2021.

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